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Swissport commences Rex handling in Adelaide, Canberra and Gold Coast

Swissport is now supporting Rex Airlines in Adelaide, Canberra and the Gold Coast following successful launches during the past week.

Swissport commenced Rex’s first outsourced ground handling services for their Boeing 737 in ADL and OOL last week and yesterday Saab 340 handling commenced in Canberra.

“A very special thank you to the many people throughout our business who have made these launches possible,” said Swissport Vice President airports Melissa Wilson.

“We have been proud to showcase the many benefits of utilising an experienced outsourced ground services provider in terms of the synergies we can achieve and the specialist expertise we can provide.”

“Thank you to everyone who has made these start-ups a success and thank you for your ongoing work to ensure that safety, service and efficiency are maximised for every airline client.”

In 2020, Swissport International AG provided best-in-class airport ground services for some 82 million airline passengers and handled roughly 4.1 million tons of air freight at over 100 cargo warehouses worldwide. Several of its warehouses have been certified for pharmaceutical logistics by IATA’s CEIV Pharma and by the British MHRA. In 2019, the world’s leader in airport ground services and air cargo handling, with currently around 45,000 employees, achieved operating revenue of 3.13 billion euros. Swissport was active at 268 airports in 47 countries on six continents at the end of 2020.


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