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Enterprise agreement approved by FWC for Swissport employees

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has approved Swissport’s collective agreement for its 2,600 airport ground services employees.

The agreement was originally endorsed by more than 91 per cent of Swissport employees following more than 80 direct consultation sessions across 25 airports nationally.

Swissport Senior Vice President Pacific Rob D’Alessio said the news was a major win for its employees.

“Approval of this agreement will result in back-pay of up to $27,000, meaningful wage rate increases of up to 21.8% over the life of the agreement, allowances and other benefits; and the introduction of bonuses for employees who have supported the company’s success over a long period,” he said.

“The company has always worked to deliver the key aims of enterprise bargaining, offering above-award pay and conditions, while at the same time maximising choice, opportunity and security to our employees for the long term.

“This is why Swissport has one of the most engaged and proudest workforces in the Australian aviation industry, who have continued to provide stability and unity to our customers through this protracted process.

“Beyond improvements to wages and conditions, this agreement provides security and opportunity to our employees and customers for the next four years.”

About Swissport

Swissport is widely regarded as the industry benchmark for worker safety. In 25 years of handling more than one million flights in the region, Swissport is believed to be the only major baggage handler to be penalty-free for both aviation and workplace safety breaches.

Industry figures show that Swissport has only one-sixth the rate of lost time injuries of the rest of the industry, making it the benchmark for safety.

Swissport operates at 32 airports across Australia and New Zealand, partnering with all major domestic airlines and many international carriers in the region.

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