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Swissport to pay staff $17 million above the award under new enterprise agreement

Swissport employees will be on average up to $6,800 better off per year if a new enterprise agreement is approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

Evidence submitted to the FWC shows that Swissport would pay $17 million or 19 per cent more per year under their new enterprise agreement than would be required under the Award.

That means every employee will be better off under the agreement compared with the Award. On average, an employee would be $6,800 better off per year under the agreement, with some employees up to $31,000 better off.

The agreement was endorsed by more than 91 per cent of Swissport workers following 80 direct consultation sessions across 25 airports nationally.

Rob D’Alessio, Swissport Senior Vice President Pacific, said this agreement delivered a host of benefits, including wage rate increases, increased minimum shift length, and additional allowances and bonuses.

“Swissport has always worked to deliver the key aims of enterprise bargaining, offering above-award pay and conditions, while at the same time maximising choice, opportunity and security to our employees for the long term,” he said.

“That’s why every employee will be better off under the new enterprise agreement, with employees, on average, being $6,800 better off per year and some people substantially more than that.”

“We are also committed to fairness. In recognition of the length of time employees have had to wait for their new benefits to come through, we are offering all staff an interim pay rise of two per cent, backdated to 1 July 2019.

“If the FWC endorses the new agreement, Swissport will of course also provide the wage increases committed to including back-pay to eligible employees to 20 February 2017.”

The FWC is anticipated to make its decision on the agreement in the coming weeks.

Swissport operates at 32 airports across Australia and New Zealand, partnering with all major domestic airlines and many international carriers in the region.

In 2018, Swissport International AG provided best-in-class airport ground services for some 282 million airline passengers and handled roughly 4.8 million tons of air freight in 115 cargo warehouses worldwide. Several of its warehouses have been certified for pharmaceutical logistics by IATA’s CEIV. The world’s leading provider of airport ground services and air cargo handling, with 66,000 employees, achieved consolidated operating revenue of 2.99 billion euros in 2018. At the end of June 2019, Swissport was active at 310 airports in 49 countries on six continents.


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