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Q&A: Bringing Swissport Cargo Services to Australia

Swissport is a world-leading cargo services provider with a global network and presence at 104 airports. We handle 4.7 million cargo tonnes per year at our 133 warehouses around the globe. With the 2018 acquisition of Aerocare in Australia and New Zealand, we are now looking to broaden that cargo network across the Pacific region.

Peter Logan joined Swissport in late 2018 to head up the expansion of cargo services in the region, bringing with him 20 years’ experience in freight and logistics handling with various international handlers across no less than four continents.

We sat down with Peter earlier this week to talk about all things cargo.

Peter, you’ve led projects and operations throughout the world. What can you tell us about the Australian cargo industry landscape?

Since the most recent major player entered the market, some 20 years ago, increasing capacity and volume, especially related to Asian carriers, has increased competition among all industry players. The region has grown significantly but there remains only three key players, so there is the opportunity for a new entrant to bring something fresh.

Global trends have seen a steady increase in volume and activity over the past two decades; with the disappearance in the past decade of European carriers operating directly into the region more than offset by the introduction of several Chinese regional carriers. Continued growth into the region supports the introduction of additional competition into the market.

What will Swissport bring to the local cargo market?

Trust, Innovation and Integrity; People, Professionalism and Partnership.

There are several examples around the globe of what was known as “industry best practice” and there are also many lessons to be learned at the other end of that scale. I have been very fortunate to have experienced both ends of the scale and with the support of the global strength of the Swissport cargo network, our focus will be to ensure we strive for the best of what the industry demands. Working for an organisation of Swissport’s scale, and within a team who fully support and value the strategies we are designing, is possibly the most exciting challenge I’ve been involved in for 20 years.

We will adopt the mantra of what has made the Australian business so successful, with an ability and willingness to look at things differently and challenge the norm. We must be fully transparent, honest and allow ourselves to be fully accountable. We will look to introduce innovative solutions, tailored to the industry’s requirements.

Are you looking to build your team?

We are progressing rapidly with our business model strategy and we will be looking to offer wonderful opportunities to driven and motivated industry stars and future stars, to be part of something incredibly exciting. We are looking to attract the best available people; those who are looking to challenge themselves and are willing to “crack in” and be part of this fresh and dynamic team.

If you would like to discuss Swissport Cargo Services in Australia, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Logan.

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